Edward R. Byers Co.
"Byers Drives Stop the Earth"

The "New" Edward R. Byers Company

    Edward R. Byers Co. has manufactured the world’s finest astronomical instruments for over 64 years. Byers driving systems are known worldwide for accuracy and quality. 

     Byers mountings are known for their precision and beauty. Each one is unique and considered the “gold standard” of engineering and craftsmanship. 

    In the 1950’s Ed Byers was the first one to offer high-quality Sidereal driving systems to the amateur astronomy community. 

    Ed Byers very quickly became known for excellence in craftsmanship. In addition to the amateur market, Byers made scientific instruments for Observatories and Universities all over the world as well as for NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Lockheed, and other government agencies. 

Ed Byers passed away in December of 2019 and that loss will reverberate for years to come.

A small team was able to purchase the company from Ed and is now in the process of transferring  to a new facility.

The Byers legacy of uncompromising quality and attention to detail will continue.



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